Ashley’s Parenting Soap Box

Raising children in this world is difficult. It is hard to decide what is “best” for our children. It is time consuming to filter through all the information that we see throughout media to find what will help build children who are happy, healthy, and dare I use the word successful (this is such an ambiguous word, what is success? How is it measured?). We are in a world that values independence, fame, money, and is driven by technology. How is this impacting our children? How do we create an environment that is beneficial to the development of our children?

Over the next few months I aim to tackle some of these questions. I am going to delve into topics such as attachment, technology use, emotions, sugar, emergent curriculum, breastfeeding, and so many more. I am going to give you a peek into my life and what I am doing with my little guy. I am going to tell you what the research actually says and to be honest, you may not like it. But would you rather continue to live in your bubble of misinformation? I hope not. So if you have a young child and are curious about what the best practices are, what creates happy, imaginative, loving, kind, generous and “successful” children, then this is the blog for you! No one ever said it was easy to raise children, but I believe that every child deserves the best of their parents. The first five years  of your child’s life are the most important, so show up and do your best!

Breathing in the beauty of childhood,

💕 Ashley

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Disclaimer: Not everything I do with my child will work for you and your family; every child and family is unique, so please keep this in mind when you are reading.