About Me

Hello! My name is Ashley Parks and I am a thirty something year old Wife, Mother, Professor, and Lover of Christ! I grew up in the Sacramento area with my mom and younger sister and have reconnected with my father as an adult. I spent years in college honing my skills and knowledge in Child Development and have recently become a college professor in the field (I was a preschool teacher for eight years before this). I like to think of myself as an advocate for all children and truly want the best life has to offer for them. I hold a MA in Child Development from CSUS.

Fun facts about me…..

My favorite color is Pink!

I love to read, especially Juvenile Fiction (don’t tell anyone!!).

I enjoy crafting, whether that be crocheting, repurposing old items, or creating a new wall feature. I like to think that I am creative!

I LOVE animals, especially dogs!

I live in Brentwood California with my lovely husband Scott (who has Cystic Fibrosis), my son Seeley (a product of IVF 💕), three shih-tzu dogs, and one very old cat. I absolutely adore my chaotic life! Let me know if you have any questions, I am an open book.