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A Positive Mindset

Fear is a small word filled with big consequences. Living in a state of fear one becomes overwhelmed, stressed and wrought with anxiety. There is a constant feeling of negativity cornering you. You are stuck, immobile, and unsure of what is to come next. Many of you feel this, maybe some of you more than others, but I can tell you firsthand that this is very unhealthy. As Scott’s health began declining a few years back my fear began slowly rising. I spent many, many, many months pondering the what if’s and coming up with alternate plans of how my life might look in the future. I started stressing about how I would be able to raise a little boy on my own, how I would continue to give him the space to be a child if we had to deal with a topic like death, how I would financially be able to make it, how I would survive without my biggest love, and a whole slew of things. Most people don’t know how I can spiral with negative thoughts and live in a secret world of fear. This is unhealthy. This type of thinking can rip you away from living in the moment, from being a light in this dark world, so I have decided I have given myself enough time to wallow in my fears and I choose to change my thinking. I choose to change my negative thoughts and start thinking about the possibilities of this life I am living. 

I haven’t written publicly in almost a year, mostly because I have been living in fear. This leads to chaotic thinking. It leads to me thinking I have no time for anything. It leads me to numbing my pain in trash TV and junk food in my spare time, instead of doing something for myself, like writing. It’s time to change that. It’s time to remind myself that the fear does not have control over me anymore. I choose positive. I chose mental stability. I choose a healthy body, mind, and spirit. I choose me. 

Many of you are stuck in this fear state right now with Covid-19 interrupting your “normal”. Can I just suggest that you don’t allow fear to consume you? Can I suggest for you to find some sort of healthy outlet? Let’s choose to be positive in the storm together. Let’s lean on one another. It truly takes a village. 
Breathing out the fear,
Ashley 💕
P.S. Stay tuned for some updates on our crazy, chaotic, beautiful lives (hint: we’ve moved!!!)! 

2 thoughts on “A Positive Mindset”

  1. Been thinking about you and wondering how all of you were doing. Nice to see you again. You and family are always in our thoughts.

    Suzanne Pedersen


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