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A Love Letter to my Mom,

God has created a wonderful story for me; each and every moment leading me to where I am today. Each heartache, joy, bump in the road, anxious feeling has been perfectly planned — there is a strategic reason as to why my life has gone the way it has. The strength that I carry with me today would not have been possible without this path. The ups and downs will continue to mold me and I pray that God continues to use them for some sort of good; that my life would reflect his goodness and love, just like He does in my Mother.

One of God’s wonderful plans for me was my Mom. God placed her in my life to show me what courage, strength, and love look like and feel like. My Mom has been through her own trials and tribulations and with each of these moments, God has crafted her into the woman she is today, more importantly the Mother she is to me. My growing up years were no where near perfect. My early years were challenged by my parents divorce, a lot of moving around, loss, eating disorders, and many feelings of anxiety and stress, which continued into my young adulthood (stories for another day!). Regardless of the chaos my Mom has always been there for me. Never with judgment, but always with love and kindness. She perfectly reflects Jesus in this sense. My Mom is my rock, my comforter, and one of the reasons I am the person I am today. I could never express in words what she truly means to me or fully express my gratitude for all that she has done for me over the years. All I can say is this: I love you Mom, with my whole heart, always.

I hope someday that I can show my son what is means to love fiercely, without conditions or judgments. I hope that he will see my strength and be filled with a sense of security and safety in my arms. I hope that one day, when he holds his child, he will understand the love that I have for him, the same love I feel from my Mother.

Thank you Mom for all that you do for me, it does not go unnoticed. I see your love. I feel your love. Happy Mother’s Day!

Breathing in the love for my Mom,


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