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Five Feet Apart

Reintegrating into life after a dry run was difficult for me. It took me a few weeks to feel normal again, or at least as normal as one can feel in this “waiting for a transplant” situation. My brain felt foggy and life just seemed weird. It’s like life after a bad breakup, sadness, confusion, and feeling as though you are lost. Not the greatest way to feel….

After the fog lifted Scott and I were able to get back to “regular” life, so we decided to go on a date night (this rarely happens!) and we thought what better way to celebrate then to see the movie Five Feet Apart!

This movie was able to paint a very realistic view into what people with Cystic Fibrosis go through each day; the daily meds, the breathing treatments, the isolation, the fear of death, worried about living life alone. Although I live with Scott and see his daily struggles, it was different to see it on the big screen. It was hard to watch at some points and I felt very sad for the characters and the difficulties they were going through. Traditionally after seeing a movie, you move on, you continue with your life and take bits and pieces with you. But not with this one, this is our reality. There is no escaping it, but that’s ok with me. I have learned to find the peace, joy, and beauty in our life.

I am extremely happy that this story was featured in a space that is spreading such awareness, and with awareness comes donations, and with more donations, hopefully a cure! You have to see it!! I might have to disown you if you don’t, haha!

I hope and pray that life is well for you too — if not, know this. God sees you. God knows you. God loves you. Trust in Him.

Breathing in the awareness,


1 thought on “Five Feet Apart”

  1. I happened to see Chicago Med and one of the stories was about two CF patients and why they have to stay 5 feet apart. I’m glad you and Scott were able to have a date night. Sending you big hugs.


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