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Scott got the call for new lungs!

Wow. Scott literally got on the list a little over a month ago. This was not supposed to happen so fast. They said it would probably be a year long wait. We didn’t have anything prepared; no bags packed, no idea where to stay, not sure who to call, not sure what to do. I guess that’s the way God wanted it — it’s like ripping off the bandaid real quick so you don’t feel worried or experience the pain. That’s what this feels like. The bandaid is being ripped off without warning and I am now running on adrenaline. I am feeling a mixture of emotions, happy, sad, anxious, nervous, worried; I feel like I am in a fog. It’s as if it hasn’t actually hit me yet. Scott is getting new lungs. Holy moly.

I pray that everything goes well in surgery tomorrow. I pray for the donors family, that they might find peace in knowing that through their pain comes new life. A new life for Scott. A life where he gets to run after his child without feeling instantly winded. A life where he doesn’t struggle to breathe. A life where he can help me with chores (I’m most excited about this, haha!).

Here’s to a successful surgery, may God guide the hands of the surgeons. May God quickly heal Scott’s body afterwards. May God give me the strength to handle it all. Repeat after me, God’s got this.

Breathing in God’s peace, love, and healing,


4 thoughts on “Scott got the call for new lungs!”

  1. I am so happy for Scott and you Asley. Continuing to pray for all parties involved in this miracle. Love you bunches Aunt Shari


  2. Ashley, hoping by the time I post this Scott’s surgery is done and he is in recovery. Sending positive, healing thoughts to you two and a virtual hug to you.


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