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Scott’s new Hog…

Scott surprised us by coming home on Saturday — it was a great surprise! Home doesn’t quite feel like home when he is stuck in the hospital. We typically FaceTime for dinner, so it was great to have dinner together again that night. Seeley was very excited to see him home. Many mornings when Scott is away Seeley wakes up asking for “Papa” and then goes and looks for him. It is a bit sad to watch as he doesn’t quite understand that Scott has to stay in the hospital. Life just feels better, happier with Scott home.

These days we try and spend as much time together as possible when Scott is home. Wednesday is our family day — we usually try and go someplace special, whether that be the zoo, a museum, or out for a picnic at the park. This week we decided to go to the Train Museum in Sacramento, which was wonderful! Seeley and Scott both love trains, and to see the two of them together was one of those memories I will remember forever. Eyes wide, happy faces, and  a sense of curiosity. I love that we get to spend this time together. Although Scott is not able to do all the things typical fathers can do; throw their kid up in the air, chase them around the playground, or take care of them on their own —things many people take for granted — he loves Seeley with all his heart and spends quality time with him reading stories, talking with him. and the newest, riding on Papa’s new scooter!

This outing was a bit different for us then usual — as Scott’s health has decreased he is no longer able to walk too far without pure exhaustion, so he now rides a sweet scooter. This has been another life change for us. No longer can we just go someplace, we now have to think about lugging around this humongous wheelchair. Scott of course is taking it in stride. How did this man become so wonderful? With all the setbacks he has had over his relatively short life, he continues to make these changes with positivity. It reminds me of this quote…

Happiness is definitely a choice. We can get stuck in our own web of negativity or the negativity of others. We can forget that life was meant to be lived, not saved up for later. We continually say to ourselves, oh we can do that activity or take that trip later. Why wait? Why not live your life to the fullest each day. No one is guaranteed tomorrow. Stop focusing on the unimportant things in life and choose to live happy. Choose to be positive. Choose to have fun and connect with your loved ones.

Breathing in the positivity (or at least trying to!),

Ashley 💕

6 thoughts on “Scott’s new Hog…”

  1. I got to join them on this outing and I am not sure who was more excited for the trains…Seeley or Scott. I will say that scooter can move although there was a couple of times Seeley turned the speed down. 🙂 It was a fun time.


  2. We went to the Sacramento train museum last year with the grandkids. Had a great time. We saw Scott at Stanford last Saturday morning so he must have gone home after we left. He looked good when we left. Glad he was able to go home.


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