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Slowing down…

Life in California, especially in the bay area, is a fast paced living situation. You are constantly going from one activity to another, there is no time to stop. Both parents typically work, so they can make money. This money will then buy you the big house, the tesla car, private schools for your children, and fancy trips. Living at this pace can cause pure exhaustion and a disconnect from family. Your life becomes more about the stuff you have and less about the relationships around you. I feel very grateful to have met Scott, because the one thing that his disease has taught me is that life is about the moments, not about the things you acquire. His disease has taught me to slow down, to enjoy life, rather than speed through it.

It has taught me to look at all the positives in my life, rather than dwell on the negative (which I think I could easily do sometimes). I am so grateful for the house I live in, I am grateful for the fact that I get to stay home during the day with my son, I am so grateful for the life I live and the relationships I have. I value the fact that I can slow down during the day and watch a slug with Seeley, read oodles of books with him, give cuddles (when he slows down!) or sit down and eat dinner as a family (which is so important!). My life is not dictated by all the “wants” in life. It consists of being present in every moment. Scott has taught me that.

Psalm 9: 1-2

I’m thanking you, God, from a full heart,

    I’m writing the book on your wonders.

I’m whistling, laughing, and jumping for joy;

    I’m singing your song, High God.

Slowing down, means that Seeley and I can go and visit Scott in the hospital and later spend time at the family cabin playing in the woods. We can enjoy life. We can take a pause and appreciate all that God has given us. Although Scott is still in the hospital and will be there at least until Sunday I am grateful for the life that we live and grateful for the friends and family that surround us.

Family time at the hospital — the nurses love when Seeley comes. He is such a flirt, smiling and showing off for all the nurses.

Take a moment to breathe. Take a moment to connect with your family or friends. Take a moment to think about the good.

Breathing in the gratefulness,

Ashley 💕

2 thoughts on “Slowing down…”

  1. Ashley, now that I know Scott will be in the hospital through Sunday, Joe and I will try to get over to see him tonight or tomorrow. Is there anything he needs or something we can bring that can cheer him up?



    1. We just found out yesterday that he would be spending the weekend in there, such a bummer. He doesn’t usually get many visitors other than Seeley and myself, so just seeing some friendly faces will be enough! Thanks!


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